Conducting Small Business Marketing using Pinterest – Why it Can Work for You

Pinterest Small Business Marketing

While statistics can occasionally be misinterpreted, there are times when they offer indisputable proof concerning a particular industry or trend. Take those that relate to the use of social media for example, as numbers relating to usage and geographical trends indicate that the industry is booming beyond all expectation. Of particular interest is the rising popularity of social media as a business marketing tool, which has resulted in more than 90% of online marketers using a range of associated channels to promote their brands.

Social media is particularly appealing to small businesses, as it is free to access and connects independent firms with approximately 62% of the world’s adult population. With the number of people using social media and the average amount of time spent online continuing to soar, it is also worth noting that consumers are increasingly reliant on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for product referrals and information. This meeting of opportunity with changeable demand has certainly benefited small businesses, who are seizing their chance to interact with a vast target audience.

5 Ways in Which Pinterest can Assist with Small Business Marketing

While Facebook remains the market leading social media outlet, however, it is the application of an integrated strategy that delivers the best possible results. This means that it is vital for small businesses to utilize a number of alternative sites that suit their specific product or service, with Pinterest now established as the third most visited social media resource. Having gained distinction in 2012 as being the fastest ever social media website to exceed 10 million registered users, this image led platform offers a number of key advantages to small business users. For example: -

1. Access to Socially Relevant Product Placement: In days gone by, product placement was an expensive and much maligned marketing activity. The advent of digital media has changed this perception, however, as it has created a host of more affordable resources through which products can be advertised to a wider target audience. While YouTube played a critical role in this evolution, Pinterest has continued the trend and allowed small business to present their products in a natural, socially relevant and uncontrived environment. This is the key differentiation between using Pinterest as opposed to alternative sites, as it helps small businesses to share their products within consumer networks without ever crossing the boundaries of commercialism.

2. Access to High Volumes of Referral Traffic: Referral traffic is the term used to describe a demographic of website visitors who are sent by direct content links rather than the results of a generic search engine query. It is an especially purposeful marketing tool for small businesses, thanks primarily to its low cost and accessibility. Pinterest can therefore play a viable role in securing a high volume of referral traffic, and there are two key reasons for this. Firstly, it has managed to cultivate a close affinity with alternative social media sites, with an estimated 20% of all Facebook users known to visit Pinterest on a daily basis. As a result, Pinterest now accounts for nearly 4% of all online referral traffic, which marks a significant leap from just 0.17% in the summer of 2011.

3.  Contact with a Vast and Targeted Audience: While Facebook is estimated to boast more than a billion registered users, this means that it can be difficult to target a specific demographic using its resources. Pinterest, however, offers instant access to a smaller but more targeted group of users, which ensures that it is a far more viable resource for smaller businesses that are marketing a specific product. It is suggested that the single most influential demographic on Pinterest consists of women aged between 25 and 34, for example, while the average household income of users is estimated at between $25,000 and $75,000. This type of information is invaluable to small business marketers, especially when they are looking to develop an optimized and integrated social media strategy.

4. The Capacity to Create Independent Boards and Reach a Wider Audience: Pinterest is a fast evolving website, and one that boasts a diverse array of users and user interests. The most popular trending topics on Pinterest vary depending on geographical location, as while U.S. users favor craft and gift boards those in  the UK lean towards SEO marketing and venture capital resources. Thanks to the fact that users can create and maintain separate boards, however, small businesses can reach out to a wider share of the audience without diluting their core message or the impact of their marketing. Although the main priority must be to advertise a brand, what it sells and its values, the addition of insightful imagery or informational videos can help to improve the appeal of an existing business.

5. Interaction with a Motivated and Engaged Audience: When evaluating the impact of a marketing campaign, the motivation and level of engagement displayed by a targeted audience is far more important than its overall size. In this respect, Pinterest is a resource that outperforms the vast majority of social media outlets and book marking sites, with users in the U.S. spending an average of more than 1 hour and 17 minutes perusing the boards. This is far in excess of sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +, and it suggests that the core Pinterest user base is particularly motivated and engaged with the content. So even though the Pinterest growth rate has diminished slightly in relation to its performance in 2012, the people who use the site remain passionate about its purpose.

The Last Word

Given the pressing need for a targeted and integrated social media strategy, Pinterest offers a number of unique and extremely purposeful benefits. These are hard to ignore, especially for small business that need to maximize their resources and reach out to as motivated an audience as possible. When you also consider that Pinterest is unlikely to maintain its current growth and levels of engagement indefinitely, then it is certainly wise to jump on board while it experiences such widespread growth.

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