Google Offers Now in Pre-Launch for Social Coupon Buying

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After being rejected by Groupon for $6 Billion dollars, Google appears to be almost ready to launch Google Offers to compete with Groupon directly. They will feature daily offers in similar fashion to Living Social and Groupon.

They have made other pushes into local marketing as we all know with services such as Google Tags and Boost. These two roll-outs did not garner much attention but Google has the size and potential to change the social-coupon medium. Amazon recently invested heavily into Living Social and the sheer number of small businesses and number of people looking for deals continues to grow as the economy remains stagnant.

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Google Offers says it will provide tools to help businesses measure and track their ROI of the deals. This is crucial and a step in the right direction to get small businesses on board and those companies who have become disenchanted with Groupon.  The initial fact sheet does not say how much Google will be taking but in order to make this work for all, the 50% plus 2.5% fee model that Groupon works off of, should be re-worked or more education is needed to help owners select offers that will bring in a positive ROI.

View the leaked Google Offers Fact Sheet HERE.


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