Google Places Update: Respond to Your Business Reviews

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Your Google Maps listing may be the first place potential customers read a review of your business. Now, like Yelp reviews, you can publicly respond to the good and bad if you have verified your listing. Respond to these reviews and engage your customers. Respond to the good by thanking them for their business and create true loyalty. Use the bad reviews as a chance to examine your business and turn the dissatisfied customer into a loyal follower.

Here is one such example of responding to a negative customer review from Google’s Map Blog:

Copy of bizownerresponse1 Google Places Update: Respond to Your Business ReviewsAnd an example of responding to a positive customer review:

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Tips from Google when responding to customers:
1) Be nice. This isn’t just a guideline — it’s also a good idea. You aren’t going to win an argument with a frustrated customer. And you don’t want to burn any bridges. Even customers who initially had a bad experience might come back.
2) Don’t get personal. Remember that you’re replying to feedback about an experience, not about you as a person. Reply in a way that addresses the overall experience, and remember that there’s a real person on the other end. If you believe the review violates the posting guidelines, please use the Flag as inappropriate link.
3) Feedback is helpful. Both positive and negative feedback can be good for your business and help it grow (even though it’s sometimes hard to hear). Think of all feedback as an opportunity to improve.

To post a public response:

1) Log into your Google Account. Be sure it is the account that has claimed your business listing.
2) Visit your listing’s Place Page.
3) Scroll to the reviews section of the Place Page.
4) Click Respond publicly as the owner.
5) Write a response. Don’t forget our guidelines for responding.
6) Click Publish. The review will show publicly as a Response from the owner.

places 184310  response instructions en Google Places Update: Respond to Your Business Reviews


It’s great that Google finally introduced this feature. Now business owners can engage with their customers and respond to their positive or negative reviews. This will help entrepreneurs learn from their own mistakes and improve their services.

Elbert Kosek, 4:43 am at August 12, 2010

This is a great move for Google! Smart. Its going to advantageous for businesses to optimize this feature’s potential.

Charles, 10:28 pm at August 12, 2010

Nice catch. Google really does have great insights on what features would benefit both the business and the consumers. Kudos to them.

Apple, 1:33 am at August 13, 2010

Google is already very good, but see it just keeps getting better and better. This is the reason I am a Google user whenever I’m surfing the web. This new additional feature is just simply awesome.

Rachelle, 7:33 pm at September 4, 2010

Earlier, I was reading about google’s additional feature that allows users to customize their search engine page. After that I came upon an article about the additional google maps feature that allows businesses to put a yellow tag with their address in order to be able to advertise or give a little more info about the products offered. And I couldn’t believe that in just one sitting, here is the third additional feature of google allowing customer’s and business owners to communicate. Bravo Google!

Jenna, 7:34 pm at September 4, 2010

This is a very smart idea. It is Google made even better. Through this new feature, customer’s are able to express their opinion and experiences with a particular business. On the other hand, business owners are going to be more aware of their company’s strengths as well as their weaknesses.

Teenie, 7:35 pm at September 4, 2010

This is really great and all, I just really hope that this new feature will be used properly. I’d hate to see some people abuse this great addition to Google.

Haydee, 7:37 pm at September 4, 2010

For this Google feature to best serve its purpose, people would need to be fair and only post real reviews. The entrepreneurs should also utilize this well and make sure that they are able to learn and improve their business.

Apple, 7:37 pm at September 4, 2010

With this Google reviews.. enterpreneurs easily get customers complaints and explains to the customers or make an apology. They can address problem at once and improve more.

lilian, 10:59 am at September 9, 2010

This is fantastic Google. Now we can see positive and negative reviews of our needs online. Very informative for consumers and helpful for businessmen. Great link.

Shaina, 10:08 pm at September 10, 2010

That is so true Apple. Hope all reviews are fair both for consumers and enterpreneurs benefit. If so this would be very compromising. Thanks Google for this feature.

kirsten, 10:16 pm at September 10, 2010

Im becoming a Google fan, Thanks for tips on responding to customers. I am a new businessman, I am used being an employee. Thank you very much for features like this. It is informative for beginners like me.

matthew, 10:24 pm at September 10, 2010

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