When to Send a Text Message Marketing Blast to Your Subscribers

When to send a text message marketing blast

Having a mobile database of your customers is a powerful tool to drive sales into your restaurant. Send a text marketing blast for the right reason and your weekly sales and customer frequency will help your bottom line profits and margins. Use it at the wrong time and you will notice little increase in sales and turn customers off to your new marketing tool.

Here are Ten Reasons to Send a Text Message Marketing Blast to Your Subscribers:

1. Increase sales on slower days

Certain days of the week are probably slower then weekends for restaurants or retail stores. Send a text message offer in the morning for a discount good for that day only. Businesses can now use mobile marketing to make an early weekday, one of their top sales day for the week.

2. Sell excess items and stock

Have extra inventory you need to move out? Buy a wholesale lot from your supplier? Instead of having it sit around your business taking up room or going bad or out of style, send a text marketing blast with an offer only good for those items. Most businesses can also use their text list to negotiate lower pricing on bulk orders with suppliers if they can move the items quickly with their mobile list.

3. Fill up your business

If you are in the restaurant business you know that an empty dining room or dance floor does not attract more business. Use the text list to offer free cover charge or appetizer before a certain time to start the night off right.

4. Rescue from bad weather

Businesses suffer in extreme weather. Customer won’t come out in the rain, snow or heat. Next time rain threatens to ruin your sales for the day, send a blast announcing your “Rainy Day Sale” and save your sales.

5. Promote a new item

Suppliers are always trying to push out their latest and greatest item into your store. Use text marketing to test the selling power with your best customers before committing to a larger order. Also use to promote new seasonal items or menus.

6. Contest promotion

Using your text message marketing to engage your customer’s in contests increases awareness, word of mouth marketing and foot traffic. Announce contests, run contests, and drive people into your store to enter. Send an offer and ask people to show their text message in-store to enter.

7. Drive website traffic/ sales

Text messages that cross-promote your Facebook page will increase participation, engagement and get people talking about your brand in social media circles. Send the Facebook page link and ask people to post about their favorite aspect of your business. Reward the best posts with gift certificates and this will increase your brands awareness online.

8. Make up lost sales

Previously if you were having a slow day, behind your sales goals for the day in the afternoon, what would you do to rescue sales for the day? Chances are your only option was to try to save on your labor cost. Send a text blast in the afternoon for a dinner offer that is only valid for that night and make up the lost sales.

9. Charity nights

Generate good will in the community and pack your business at the same time. Community groups and charities are always looking for creative ways to raise money and keep their own supporters involved. Have a charity night at your business in which everyone who shows their mobile marketing text that night has 10% of their check donated to the charity. It is a nice way for people to donate and feel good about spending money with your business. Don’t forget to let local news outlets know about your promotion.

10. Drive reservations/open appointments

Last minute cancellations and unfilled reservations are no more when you can send a text blast out to your subscribers to alert them to open time slots. While you can’t send text blasts for this purpose every day, it is a great fit for every couple weeks on normally slower days.

When developing your text message marketing campaign, pay attention to when you are sending text blasts, the reasons and your desired goal. A little planning and strategy will go a long way to new sales, traffic and creating loyal customers that will reward you for years to come.


Another good time to send your message would be in the evening. Send your message during evening one day before you have a discount on your product for example and your customers are more likely to be receptive to your message.

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